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Dear News.com.au: Stop being massive hypocrites

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Interesting stance considering if you scroll sightly up you’ll see an article about a 90s pop star’s relationship issues given preference to the escalating tensions between two of the world’s superpowers.

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Full screenshot for reference:

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Opinion: your opinion on my opinion is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself

News.com.au has made a habit in recent years of ‘opinion’ articles telling readers why whatever they think, feel or do is wrong. The most recent of these to catch my eye was “Opinion: Your hate for the Kardashians is misdirected”. As I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard by now, Kim Kardashian was recently robbed at gunpoint in a Paris hotel room. This is undoubtedly a horrible thing to happen to anyone and to that end she does deserve some sympathy. However, I will not stand idly by and have a website that seemingly cannot go a day without publishing a basic error try and tell my why any feelings I have towards this pig family are misdirected.

In my opinion, the Kardashians are one of the worst things to happen to the world in the last decade, and that includes Collingwood winning a premiership. This article attempts to explain why I’m wrong about this, possibly in the hopes that I tune in to the next season of their horror show on Foxtel, which conveniently also falls under the News Corp umbrella.


I have next to no knowledge of their show/s, except for an ad I was subjected to about 45 times in one weekend in which one Kardashian said to another something along the lines of “why would I get you flowers, I already got you a career”, which is interesting given no one seems to know what they actually do. I believe before landing the TV show, that they work so very hard on according to the author, the Kardashians ran some sort of clothing store. If that’s all it takes to land a TV show could I suggest that someone take the opportunity to make a show about the Sydney based fashion boutique, ‘Jizz’. I personally would tune in just to hear how they answer the phone (“Hello, this is Jizz” or “Jizz, how can I help you?”). This already holds far more interest to me than anything I’ve ever heard about the Kardashians.

Legitimately a real store.

By far the most incredible claim from the article is the fact that they have managed to star in several seasons of their horrible reality TV show is “a far cry from the chorus of accusations that they “do nothing”.” I’m not sure if the author is familiar with the concept of “reality television” but the basic premise is that the producers try to film and capture the real life goings on of a particular subject. So in essence the Kardashians have allowed some camera men to film them while they go about their daily business, which to me basically sums up “doing nothing”.

I also do not buy the argument that they are “business savvy” just because they’ve managed to launch make up lines and secure endorsement deals. There is a difference between business smarts and picking low hanging fruit. If you put most people into their situation they could probably manage to put their face on a few products and make a couple of bucks. Donald Trump has even managed to put himself in the running to be the next POTUS based at least partly on the back of his reality-TV stardom, and he’s managed to do it with the added disability of looking like an orange toad stuck under a piece of carpet.

Tell me I’m wrong.

As I stated earlier, I’m sorry that Kim Kardashian was subjected to such a horrible event, however the nerve of a news organisation which shoves these hell people down our throats at every opportunity turning around and trying to convince me to feel sorry for them is a bridge too far. A search for “Kardashian” on news.com.au turns up results on their baby showers, diabetes and make up, not to mention dozens of articles about the actual robbery. Kim Kardashian also feeds into this media attention, famously Instagramming a photo of her grillz and novelty-oversized engagement ring just days before the robbery.

Another news.com.au article best sums up my attitude to the whole affair. Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying “You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you.” And when a man who apparently has two maids for his pet cat is making the most sense it might just be time to start the world over again.

The voice of reason.